Issue with posting comments on pages after 4.2.6 Pro upgrade

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I had a visitor report to me that some of my site's articles were missing. After a little research, it appears that when a new comment is posted to a page (not a blog post but a page), it switches the page slug back to the default and removes the custom ones I had set up. I was able to get the pages back by going into Manage->Pages for each entry where there was a new comment since the upgrade and putting the page slug back to the custom one.

I just wanted to report this so that it can be looked into for the next release. Thanks!



  • posted in trac.


  • I am still experiencing this issue after upgrading to version 4.3. Just wondered if there was any news on this? Thanks. :)
  • this was a bug in the singular plugin, and it should be fixed...


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