Auto Thickbox Display issues IE7/8

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Hi there,

I've just encountered some issues with the Auto Thickbox when using IE7/8 (but strangely it's fine in IE6). I've attached some screen shots of IE7/8 and one of it working in FF3.

It works so beautifully in Firefox that I'd love to maintain it.

I did notice in Firebug that the following error is given on page load:

oTidyBrowser is not defined
Line 245

You can see it in work over at:

I'm in the process of testing the final bits and pieces of this site (it's a record label I'm helping a friend out with) and have a list of tweaks to go through. I'm really hoping the solution to this issue will be simple, but am not sure whether it's a js issue or a CSS one. When I first saw it I assumed the incorrect positioning in IE7 was CSS related, but now I'm not so sure.

Any thoughts hugely appreciated, and if there's anything you need me to do, please let me know.

Cheers :)



  • this is a wp/thickbox bug. I use the thickbox library from wp, which normally is up to date, but not always.

    can you post the bug in and cross-reference in here so I can follow it?


    PS: If you want access to our svn for this plugin: ddebernardy at yahoo dot com

  • I've added that ticket over at:

    I'm not sure exactly how helpful I'd be on the old SVN end of things but I'll drop you a line anyway :)
  • please do a quick test if you don't mind: disable all plugins except that one, and activate the default WP theme, and see if the IE issues are still occurring.


  • (being on a Mac, I can't test this easily)

  • Cool. Will do :)

    I have a spare default WP install around I can test this on.
  • I can confirm same behaviour on default theme fresh install with no plugins active
  • super. I hope someone in the wp devs who knows more about the thickbox css will look into it.

    If you're familiar with CSS, though, my guess is that it merely needs a tiny bit of CSS to work as expected.

  • Aye, I'll have a fiddle with it. At least IE8 offers something vaguely similar to Firebug (but nowhere near as easy to use).

    I'll report back if I work anything out.
  • mm, never mind that, I added a link in the wp ticket to what may likely be the true issue.


  • Wow there's been some pretty quick action going on over at the trac :)

  • Nice work man :)
  • Loving the look of the DOMWindow stuff you mentioned in Trac. Looks really quick and responsive.
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